The Rep’s 36th Season

Building Our Future – One Show at a Time

The Savannah Sipping Society

A Comedy by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

In this delightful, laugh-a-minute comedy, four unique Southern women, all needing to escape the sameness of their day-to-day routines, are drawn together by Fate—and an impromptu happy hour—and decide it’s high time to reclaim the enthusiasm for life they’ve lost through the years. Over the course of six months, filled with laughter, hilarious misadventures, and the occasional liquid refreshment, these middle-aged women successfully bond and find the confidence to jumpstart their new lives. Together, they discover lasting friendships and a renewed determination to live in the moment—and most importantly, realize it’s never too late to make new old friends.

Directed by: Cheryl Frarck

Presented:   June 21-23, 27-30, 2019

Miss Holmes

A Drama by Christopher M. Walsh

When an anonymous note sends a newlywed wife looking for help, Miss Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Dorothy Watson work together to uncover the secrets surrounding a corrupt police inspector whose wives have a habit of turning up dead.

Directed by: Mary Pyfferoen

Presented:   October 4-5, 10-12, 17-20, 2019


A Comic-Drama by David Valdes Greenwood

Housebound Wanda’s active fantasy life catches up with her when her prison pen pal, Rocky, a Florida inmate, shows up unannounced on her doorstep in this working-class, female-focused riff on the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Directed byDeb Fuehrer

Presented:   November 22-23, 29-30, December 5-8, 2019


A Comedy by James Forsyth
Based on “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis

Screwtape, a senior devil from hell, has assigned Wormtale, a junior fiend, the job of seizing the soul of a very human and loveable young man. Advice from this old hand from hell is devastatingly perceptive of human foibles. We all learn something important about hell, heaven, religion, and humanity.

Directed by: Dawn Farr

Presented:   January 17-19, 23-26, 2020

Strange Snow

A Drama by Steve Metcalfe

Strange snow falls on two young Vietnam vets as they reunite for a fishing trip to make good on a long lost promise to an old friend. A story of love, survival and the emotional fallout after the storm of battle has passed.

Directed by: Jeanne Skattum

Presented:   March 6-7, 12-14, 19-22, 2020


A Drama by John Logan

Raw and provocative, RED is a searing portrait of Master abstract expressionist Mark Rothko’s ambition and vulnerability as he tries to create a definitive work for an extraordinary setting. But it is possible that his crowning achievement could also become his undoing.

Winner of the 2010 Tony Award

Directed by: Merritt Olsen with initial direction by Philip Muehe

Presented:   October 9-11, 15-18, 22-25, 2020

A Comedy of Tenors

A Comedy by Ken Ludwig

It’s 1930s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century – as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife, Maria, from causing runaway chaos. Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks, and madcap delight.

Directed by: Bill Schnell

Presented:   June 12-13, 18-20, 25-28, 2020


Playwright George Reinblatt
Music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris, and George Reinblatt

This hilarious show takes all the elements of cult classic films and combines them into one of the craziest theatrical experiences of all time. Blood flies. Limbs are dismembered. Demons tell bad jokes … and all to music.

Directed by: Annie Landkammer

Presented:   July 31-August 1, 6-8, 13-16, 2020