Auditions for A Raisin in the Sun

Monday, March 20th and Tuesday, March 21st  

Callbacks on Wednesday, March 22nd

Auditions held at the Rochester Rep, starting at 5:00pm

All Auditions by appointment.  CLICK HERE to sign up for a slot 

A Raisin in the Sun

A Searing Drama by Lorraine Hansberry
Directed by EG Bailey and Sha Cage

Set on Chicago’s South Side, this American classic revolves around the divergent dreams within three generations of the Younger family. When the family patriarch’s life insurance money comes through, each family member has a different idea about what to do with the money. The Younger family’s heroic struggle to retain dignity in a harsh and changing world takes center stage in this searing drama of hope and inspiration.


11 Actors (3 Female-Presenting, 7 Male-Presenting, 1 Male-Presenting Child)

Roles being cast include:

  • Lena Younger (Mama) – Black, Female-Presenting, 40’s and up. The family matriarch
  • Walter Lee Younger  – Black, Male-Presenting, 20’s to mid 30’s. Mama’s oldest child
  • Beneatha “Bennie” Younger – Black, Female-Presenting. 20’s. Mama’s daughter
  • Ruth Younger – Black, Female-Presenting, 20’s to mid 30’s. Walter Lee’s wife
  • Travis Younger – Black, Male-Presenting, about 10 years old. Walter Lee and Ruth’s son
  • Joseph Asagai – Black, Male-Presenting, 20’s to 30’s. A student in Chicago
  • George Murchison – Black, Male-Presenting, 20’s. Beneatha’s boyfriend.
  • Bobo – Black, Male-Presenting, 20’s to 30’s. A friend of Walter Lee
  • Karl Lindner – White, Male-Presenting, 30’s to 40’s. Representative of Clybourne Park Improvement Association
  • Moving Men – Any Ethnicities, Two Male-Presenting Actors, 20’s-30’s.

Audition Details

  • Auditions will consist of cold (unrehearsed) readings from the script
  • Because the directors are from out of town, all auditions will be recorded and shared with the directors. Actors needed for callbacks will be notified prior to callbacks on the 22nd.

Important Dates:

  • Virtual Rehearsals start approximately April 17th via Zoom
  • In-person rehearsals start April 24th (Final rehearsal schedule will be set once the show is cast
  • Performing June 9th – 25th (June 9-10, 15-17, 22-24 at 7pm; June 18 and 25 at 2pm) 
  • Please contact Managing Director Philip Muehe if you would like to audition but cannot attend the aforementioned dates (

It is the Rochester Repertory Theatre’s current policy to require anyone involved in a production (director, stage manager, cast, crew, technicians) to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate.