Who’s Around “The Dining Room” Table?

The Dining Room opens tonight at The Rochester Repertory Theatre.

Meet the cast!


Julie Baska — Following recent befuddling events in town, Julie suddenly finds herself mildly paranoid, convinced Rod Serling or perhaps Allen Funt are stocking her. She is glad to have found sanctuary at the Rep where she can be found indulging in massive amounts of aroma therapy and ceremonially offering her banished compatriot fruity girly drinks.

Jerry Casper — I ate it… I didn’t know it was Prop food!
I’m sorry!
So… does styrofoam cause cancer?

Alicia Frarck — Comes to us, having recently transformed from cutlery herself. “I wanted to do the Dining Room because I felt at home here! Won’t you Be Our Guest?”

Mary McPhee — When Mary heard she had to play 11 different characters in this play, she said aloud to no one, “Hmmm, this will be just like last Tuesday. And Friday, or was it Sunday?”

Greg Miller — After 25 years in the jungle, where he lived on a volcano with a friendly tribe of peaceful natives that sang, danced and told wondrous tales around the campfire, he and the friendly folk that became his family had to flee their beautiful home when it erupted in a flaming molten gout of doom and destruction, narrowly escaping fates worse than death.

Mike Tri — Some people climb mountains of stone to conquer their fears; some jump out of perfectly good airplanes.
Mike Acts.
He likes comic books, strong coffee, bad movies, and good theatre.

Save Your Place at the Table!   Tickets available online now.

The Faces of 4000 Miles

4000 Miles now showing at The Rochester Repertory Theatre through January 29! Meet some of the cast and crew.


Kathy Keech (Vera)  Kathy’s rehearsal fashion at the Rep now includes a winter coat and gloves.

Jake Dreher (Leo)  Although he attends yoga and frequents the local rock climbing gym, Jake cannot touch his toes and is deathly afraid of heights.

Jessica Schuler (Bec)  Jessica’s favorite hobbies include napping and Chipotle.

Alicia Frarck (Amanda)  Alicia says don’t text while driving…..Amanda says don’t drink while wearing platform shoes!

Bill Schnell (Director) Bill’s been told he is very good at casting. Truth is, he’s never fished a day in his life.

Katie Olsen (Assistant Director/Stage Manager)  Katie is fueled on calories, caffeine, chocolate, and crafts.

Take the trip of 4000 Miles at The Rep.
Tickets available online now!

The First Woman


A Reading From a New Play by Local Playwright, Joan Sween


The First Woman is a drama featuring Mary Surratt, one of the people accused of participating in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln on April 14, 1865.

Mary Surratt was the first woman executed by the United States government.

Although many people today believe that John Wilkes Booth was solely responsible for the death of the popular president, four others were found guilty and sentenced to hang.

Join us for a reading from the script, by area professionals, of this award-winning, tense drama by local playwright, Joan Sween.

There will be a discussion session after the reading to explore the production quality of the script and the guilt or innocence of Mary Surratt.

Sunday, October 16 7:00pm

Long Form Improv Class Show

Have you ever seen “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Then you know what short form improvisation is, but…
Long Form Improv is nothing like that!

Long Form Improv is taking one word suggestions from the audience that are used to inspire scenes and shows completely made up on the spot, using the improv philosophy of “Yes And”. “Yes And” means everyone in the scene agrees that YES, we agree what has been said is true in this scene, AND adds more information to move the scene forward.

We get one word suggestions from the audience such as adjectives, locations, relationships etc. and create everything from the ground up from nothing!

Come see the Rep’s very first improv show!

Saturday, October 15 7:00 – 8:30pm

Tickets: $15

Call or email to reserve seats and pay at the door!


  • Pamela May
  • Lisa Koenig
  • Samantha Gibson
  • Dominique Jones
  • Annette Schuler
  • Rebecca Sands

Teacher:  Blake Hogue

Who’s that New Director?

marypIt’s M-A-R-Y!

There’s a new woman sitting in the Rochester Repertory Theatre’s ‘Director’s Chair’ this fall. But, make no mistake; Mary Bruns Pyfferoen has been a member of the Rep family for years. Since the Rep’s production of Two By Two in 1996, she’s been a house manager, an usher, as well as a hostess for Rep receptions.

However, Mary’s artistic side was more hesitant to appear. Her gift as a playwright was recognized in the summer of 2012 with the production of her original 10-minute play, “Scent of Lilacs,” as a part of the Rep’s Reflections in a Mirror. Mary the actress, waited to grace the Rep stage for the first time as the hysterically funny Italian housekeeper in the Rep’s 2016 production of Enchanted April, a play directed by her daughter, Amanda, herself a first time director at the Rep.

Now we have come full circle and are excited to welcome Mary Pyfferoen as the director of the first production in the Rep’s 2016 – 2017 season, the gently risqué, always charming musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Mary’s love and dedication to theater is reflected in her amazing history of work as a playwright, actor, director, and teacher with Rochester Civic Theatre, Chatfield Western Days, Mantorville Opera House, Stewartville Community Theatre, and Red Wing Historical Society.

However, Lourdes High School is where the greatest wealth of Mary’s work has been shared. She has been a teacher in Rochester’s Catholic Schools for 34 years and has shared her love of theater with students of all ages, both in the classroom and onstage. She is inspired when she sees creativity blossom in young people. She was an instructor in RCT’s summer theater program for 15 years before founding the Rochester Catholic Schools Summer Theatre Camp in 2012, where she continues to serve as Director. She was director of the St. Francis Raven Theatre for 6 years. At Lourdes High School she has directed the “One Acts” for 11 years and fall productions for 7 years. Add two musicals to that repertoire and the success of her two adult children in theater is easily understood.

The Rep is thrilled that Mary has finally been able to clear her busy schedule as a teacher to join our team of directors. What could be more appropriate than for her to join the team by conducting a spelling bee.

Can you spell W-E-L-C-O-M-E?!

Written by Jeanne Skattum

Call For Directors!

The Rochester Repertory Theatre Board of Directors is getting an early start in developing the Rep’s 2017-2018 season of plays and complement of artistic staff.

If you are interested in directing a production, you are invited to submit an application along with the script(s) you would like to see produced at the Rep (a maximum of 3 per applicant.)

Applications will be accepted through November 30, 2016.

The REP Board and artistic team recognize the importance of a director choosing a script for which they have a passion. That passion translates into the dedication and commitment that elevates the quality of every production. So, when selecting a script, know that your inspiration is guided only by the Rep’s:

Vision: To produce artistically satisfying theatre, and
Mission: To provide theatrical productions of the highest quality that challenge, develop, and enhance the skills of directors, actors, designers, and technicians, while intriguing, challenging, and delighting our audiences.

As in past seasons, REP directors will receive a small stipend.

If you are interested in submitting one to three scripts for consideration, request an application from:

The Rep box office at: 507-289-1737 or boxoffice@rochesterrep.org

Thank you for your interest in directing at the REP.  We look forward to receiving your application and script submissions!