Founded in 1984, the Rochester Repertory Theatre Company is unique among community theaters in Minnesota that stage regular multi-play seasons because everyone involved—actors, board members, directors, production crew, marketing staff, technicians, house managers, and many more—is a volunteer. You can join this outstanding team by volunteering even just a few hours a year. 

Are you handy with a paintbrush or hammer?
Are you comfortable with a computer or graphics program?
Do you have mad skills with a sewing machine or camera?
Have you wanted to try your hand at (or return to) performing or bringing a show to life on stage?


These are just some of the volunteer talents we need in order to continue providing excellent productions for many seasons to come. We appreciate your presence in our audience! But, if you’re interested in participating in theater in a more hands on way, we can find something that is perfect for you!

Email us at rochesterrep@rochesterrep.org for more information

Meet Nate Parent: Our Volunteer Kingpin

He’s only been with us for a couple of years, but you’d have to look hard to find a more active Rep volunteer than Nate Parent. He also volunteers at the Mantorville Theatre Company, Old Pine Theatre, and the Fright Farm, the haunted house attraction in Zumbrota. Nate’s often behind the scenes coordinating our ushers and house managers, bartending, stage managing, working lights and sound, and taking shifts in the box office. Board member, Merritt Olsen, recently interviewed him.
MO: Do you have a life beyond theatre?
NP: I’ve volunteered at my church for many years. I’m in two singing groups, a hand bell choir and last year we started an “orffestra” – using xylophone-like instruments with a variety of tones and pitches. I’m also on the church drama team and their head usher.
MO: I’m worn out just listening! Why community theatre?
NP: I came back to theatre after a long hiatus. My uncle was an avid community theatre participant in St. Cloud. He’s passed away, but it feels like I’m following in his footsteps.
MO: What you get out of volunteering?
NP: I enjoy other people’s enjoyment of live theatre.
MO: You’re a people person.
NP: Yes, yes. Like my old choir director said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” I like to be busy.
MO: You’re relatively new to us. How would describe the atmosphere at the Rep?
NP: Appreciative. I hear two words quite often here – “Thank you!”
MO: What would you say to anyone thinking about joining our ranks as a volunteer?
NP: It’s fun! Also, ushers and house managers always get the opportunity to see the show on a night of their choosing. We also comp all technicians who work on our productions – another thank you!