Come Join us! The Rep relies on hundreds of volunteers to produce the plays that allow us to lighten hearts, strengthen spirits, challenge intellect and transform lives with new vision – and we need your help!

The Rep is unique among community theaters in Minnesota that stage regular multi-play seasons because everyone involved – actors, board members, directors, production crew, marketing staff, technicians, house managers and many more – are volunteers.

You can join this outstanding team by volunteering even just a few hours a year as an usher for an evening performance.

If you’re handy with any of a variety of tools – a paintbrush, a hammer, a computer keyboard, a graphics program, a sewing machine (the list goes on!)… we would like to add your skills to ours.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to try your hand at – or return to – performing on stage or managing backstage operations.  Our directors welcome all who are interested to attend our open cast auditions or to explore openings on each show’s production crew.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Show Ushers

See the show for free and help others enjoy their show experience!  Ushers assist our patrons in finding their assigned seats and provide playbills to patrons.  The ushers then take a seat in the theatre during the show in order to address any needs that audience members may have, or to assist in an emergency evacuation should one become necessary.  The ushers also assist the House Manager with light food and beverage sales during intermission.  Before each show, the House Manager will ensure that the ushers have all required information for a successful show experience.

House Managers

The House Manager coordinates with the show’s Stage Manager, Box Office staff and ushers to ensure that all patrons have been seated, that the show begins on time and that any late arriving patrons are accommodated.  The House Manager briefs the ushers on the anticipated flow for the evening and also prepares for concession sales during intermission.  The House Manager is responsible for the overall security of the theatre once each performance begins.  Because the House Manager is not able to see the performance that she/he is assigned to, our House Managers receive a complimentary pair of tickets for a later show performance.

Poster Patrol

If you have a favorite merchant or service business that you patronize, or are able to place posters at your place of work, house of worship, social club or school, please become a “Poster Host-er” with The Rep’s Poster Patrol!

As a Poster Patrol member, you’ll let us know the location(s) that you’ve selected to hang a poster at, and you’ll keep an eye on the poster during the run of the show to ensure that it doesn’t get “buried” by other postings or to hang a replacement poster if needed.

Please contact us to join in one of these important roles!