The Faces of 4000 Miles

4000 Miles now showing at The Rochester Repertory Theatre through January 29! Meet some of the cast and crew.


Kathy Keech (Vera)  Kathy’s rehearsal fashion at the Rep now includes a winter coat and gloves.

Jake Dreher (Leo)  Although he attends yoga and frequents the local rock climbing gym, Jake cannot touch his toes and is deathly afraid of heights.

Jessica Schuler (Bec)  Jessica’s favorite hobbies include napping and Chipotle.

Alicia Frarck (Amanda)  Alicia says don’t text while driving…..Amanda says don’t drink while wearing platform shoes!

Bill Schnell (Director) Bill’s been told he is very good at casting. Truth is, he’s never fished a day in his life.

Katie Olsen (Assistant Director/Stage Manager)  Katie is fueled on calories, caffeine, chocolate, and crafts.

Take the trip of 4000 Miles at The Rep.
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