Three Hots and a Cot

A World Premiere by Theo St. Mane, Debbie L. Fuehrer
Music by Greg Hintermeister

Workshopped with inmates serving time at a federal prison, the play examines the struggle for self within the constraints of the prison experience. The audience is challenged to look into this “world apart” and to take note of the lives behind the razor wire, unseen by most of us, and yet emblematic of the humanity we all share.

New Comic Drama with Original Music

Directed by: Theo St. Mane and Debbie Fuehrer

Presented:   January 11-12, 17-19, 24-27, 2019

Luke Austin
Jake Dreher
Mitch Gibson
Dominique Jones
Luke Langseth
Sean Lundberg
Alesandro Rox
Chuck St. Mane
Dylon Starr