Partners in Performance

Radio Hedz

One Show ONLY!

Jerry Casper

Nick Mezacapa

Greg Miller

On the Rep’s Main Stage

February 1 at 730pm

Tickets $20 (Available here!)

General Admission*
Tickets will be available at the door but why take the chance it will be sold out?! Get them here!!

What happens when Jerry Casper, Nick Mezacapa, and Greg Miller, try to perform classic shows from the golden age of radio?

We’re thinking….laughter…maybe?!

Join us for one evening (yes, one night ONLY) of belly laughs 

Save the Dates: March 28 and May 16 for two additional one night only shows from this lovable trio

*Doors to the building open at 6:30pm and to the theatre at 7:10pm (and then it’s a race to the best seats in the house!)