Long Form Improv Class Show

Have you ever seen “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Then you know what short form improvisation is, but…
Long Form Improv is nothing like that!

Long Form Improv is taking one word suggestions from the audience that are used to inspire scenes and shows completely made up on the spot, using the improv philosophy of “Yes And”. “Yes And” means everyone in the scene agrees that YES, we agree what has been said is true in this scene, AND adds more information to move the scene forward.

We get one word suggestions from the audience such as adjectives, locations, relationships etc. and create everything from the ground up from nothing!

Come see the Rep’s very first improv show!

Saturday, October 15 7:00 – 8:30pm

Tickets: $15

Call or email to reserve seats and pay at the door!


  • Pamela May
  • Lisa Koenig
  • Samantha Gibson
  • Dominique Jones
  • Annette Schuler
  • Rebecca Sands

Teacher:  Blake Hogue