Who’s Around “The Dining Room” Table?

The Dining Room opens tonight at The Rochester Repertory Theatre.

Meet the cast!


Julie Baska — Following recent befuddling events in town, Julie suddenly finds herself mildly paranoid, convinced Rod Serling or perhaps Allen Funt are stocking her. She is glad to have found sanctuary at the Rep where she can be found indulging in massive amounts of aroma therapy and ceremonially offering her banished compatriot fruity girly drinks.

Jerry Casper — I ate it… I didn’t know it was Prop food!
I’m sorry!
So… does styrofoam cause cancer?

Alicia Frarck — Comes to us, having recently transformed from cutlery herself. “I wanted to do the Dining Room because I felt at home here! Won’t you Be Our Guest?”

Mary McPhee — When Mary heard she had to play 11 different characters in this play, she said aloud to no one, “Hmmm, this will be just like last Tuesday. And Friday, or was it Sunday?”

Greg Miller — After 25 years in the jungle, where he lived on a volcano with a friendly tribe of peaceful natives that sang, danced and told wondrous tales around the campfire, he and the friendly folk that became his family had to flee their beautiful home when it erupted in a flaming molten gout of doom and destruction, narrowly escaping fates worse than death.

Mike Tri — Some people climb mountains of stone to conquer their fears; some jump out of perfectly good airplanes.
Mike Acts.
He likes comic books, strong coffee, bad movies, and good theatre.

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